Photobank of memory about the people, who wrote Economic Chronicle of Russia.

I realized the necessity to create such a site when, in the process of preparing each new book, I repeatedly could not find photos of extremely interesting people, who did so much for development of economy of the USSR and Russia, even if they occupied rather high positions in different Russian/Soviet government offices. Such are the problems many historians face.

An impetus to start work came from two gigantic yet unneeded by anyone boxes containing old photo-albums from the storeroom of the former Moscow Narodny Bank in London, which I brought home to Moscow. The photographs were partially used in the book “Moscow Narodny Bank. 100 years of history”, but the major part of them remained unknown to researchers.

Another problem that arises when working with the old photographs – most of them bear no inscriptions. The owner knew who was depicted there and did not need making any signs. In the best case the date of the photo could be found. By the way, in most popular photoarhives in Russia, such as TASS or RIA, only main figures shown in the photos are mentioned, like “Leonid Brezhnev is visiting …”. In the State Archive of Economics also there are many albums with totally anonymous photographs.

Another trouble I had to face sometimes: the veterans throw away their photos, with the words: “These are not interesting to our children, to say nothing about grandchildren!” Only the most pragmatic of them sell the photos to collectors.

That’s why we decided to gather on one site the widest possible spectrum of photographs reflecting the economic life of our country’s different periods (Russian Empire, the USSR, the Russian Federation) preserved in home or corporate collections. We started from the financial and banking history, but now we are already joined by a lot of colleagues from many public organizations. Many photographers also responded to our calls.

Our database contains many photographs reflecting activities of Russian and Soviet people and organizations (banks, joint-venture enterprises, companies etc. abroad: in UK, Germany, France, Lebanon, Singapore, China, other countries. We would be grateful if your photographs connected with common work with Russian and Soviet specialists appeared on this site.

Besides collecting photos we see as our common task – identifying the heroes of these snapshots. Maybe, someone would recognize his or her acquaintance, colleague. With full understanding that today’s events also will sometime become history, we collect the photos of the most interesting events of nowadays as well.

If you have preserved photographs connected with our common history please send their electronic copies to us, stating:

  • Where and when the snapshot was made
  • Who is depicted there (if you know the person, give brief information)
  • Which event is depicted
  • Who is the owner and author of the photo.

The site is non-commercial, we don’t sell pictures, all the questions on their use are redirected to owners and authors, but we can be of assistance in arranging them in needed scope.

The information about persons depicted one can find on other sites of the portal “Economic Chronicle” – so far, only in Russian. We hope very much for cooperation.

General Director of “Economic Chronicle” company
Nikolai Krotov

The site was created and developed in the framework of the projects of ANO “ECONOMIC CHRONICLE”.

The autonomous non-commercial organization (ANO, the legal form of incorporation) named “Economic chronicle” was fancied in 2006 and set up on 6th of April that same year by Nikolai Krotov and Oleg Nikulshin.

Since then in the framework of the literary series “Economic chronicles of Russia” three dozens of books devoted to the history of different branches of the Russian business were written and published. Those books preserved astonishing real-life stories told by the participants of many important events themselves, breath-taking eye-witnesses’ evidence and bewildering archive documents.

From these books one can learn the details of creation and further development of the largest companies and banks, stories of successes and failures of Russian entrepreneurs, financiers, statesmen. More than 600 heroes-storytellers were presented in the books.

The most attention is paid by the authors to the history of financial and banking sector. The efforts of the pioneers, who paved the way to creation of the Soviet and Russian commercial banks’ system deserve not only attention but respect as well.

The principal idea of the books is preservation, first of all, of “the history of ideas and history of people” and, secondly, “the history of organizations and companies”.

About 20 high-ranking financial institutions became the partners of ANO “Economic chronicle”. Among them: Bank of Russia, Moscow Exchange, Vnesheconombank, Interstate Bank, Unicredit, VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Agropromcredit, Eurofinance-Mosnarbank and others. For many years the State Archive of Economics and the largest public internet-library of Russian-language media remain important partners of ANO “Economic chronicle”.


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